Wrapping up on the Intern Vlog Series

Here’s a look at my third video in the vlog series for Reformation Productions. This is my last week interning. It has been a wonderful two months here learning marketing from the professionals. It has been a great opportunity learning Adobe Premier Pro and working with WordPress to create my own website. I can’t wait to see what the future brings!

Enjoy the rest of your summer,

Kristina Marie

Week 2 Vlog

June 3, 2019

I got to learn so much camera knowledge this week that I feel like a professional already. Braeden taught me everything about all the photography lenses and settings that we have here. I also learned a little bit about Google AdWords from Jennifer who is the expert for all things advertising at Reformation Productions. Learning about the analytical side of marketing is where my passion lies so I thoroughly enjoyed learning about it and look forward to exploring more about marketing analytics.

Here is the video for Week 2 of my Intern Vlog Series


Kristina Marie

It Was an Oreo With a Glass of Milk Kind of Day

May 20, 2019


Since today is Monday, that means that we have our weekly meeting to discuss upcoming projects and assignments. I personally love these meetings because they are informative, but very free flowing. We bring up stories as we go, so I get to learn more about Jennifer, Zachary, Becca and Braeden as we go through what needs to be done. Today was slightly different in the sense that we started a little later than usual, so I had a little more time to work on transcribing and video editing before the meeting started. This allowed me to feel a little bit more accomplished before I came to the meeting table to discuss future tasks and projects I needed to upload.

The meetings are always a nice way to get the week started because it sets us up for what our week is going to look like. We have a timeline for when everything needs to get done which allows me to manage my time wisely. For the past several days, I spent the entire workday transcribing the podcasts for Straight Shot. I love listening to podcasts and doing so while also working is wonderful for me. I get to listen to Straight Shot and learn more about everyday marketing activities while typing every word they are saying. It does take a lot of time, but I really enjoy it because I’m actually getting to learn as I go.

The best part of today was getting to shove Game of Thrones themed Oreo cookies in my face. Even though the Lannisters are morally unethical, I still chose to eat the Lannister cookies. I know how crazy that sounds, but if you’ve ever had an Oreo, you would understand. Zachary actually bought these themed Oreos off of Amazon since they were doing a promotional Game of Thrones themed cookie. If you want to watch the behind the scenes of that video shoot, check out Reformation Productions on YouTube to see my latest video. This was a wonderful tribute to Game of Thrones’ final episode that aired last night. Afterwards, we shared stories of our childhood pets and Becca showed us a picture of her dog, Lili, wearing a customized Ariana Grande t-shirt so that her and Lili can be twinning mother and daughter.

I hope you all enjoyed the final episode of Game of Thrones without too many tears,

Kristina Marie

A Day Filled with Hibachi

May 13, 2019


The day started out just like any other, but soon became a day filled with laughs and hard work. Every Monday at Reformation Productions, Zachary holds a meeting with everyone in the office to go over what needs to be done for the week ahead. It gives us an overview of what to expect and what we will be looking forward to. By having this meeting at the start of the week, it allows everyone to get a feel of what each person is contributing so there is ample communication going in all directions. It is really nice to know that if I ever have any questions, I am able to ask Zachary or Jennifer. Communication in this office is very important because it keeps everyone up-to-date as well as developing a sense of belonging. One of the most important things an employer can do is show an employee how his/her job is contributing to the company as a whole. This keeps the employee motivated and excited to show up for work. Having a meeting at the beginning of the week makes it clear to every employee what needs to be done.

After our meeting, we went out for lunch at a Hibachi and Sushi Restaurant. This was my first company lunch and hibachi was a wonderful choice because it’s lunch and a show. The chef was charismatic and had us laughing when he handed me the spatula and knife and asked me to flip them in the air. The conversations were flowing and so were the endless amounts of fried rice. It was such a treat to be able to joke around with everyone and just enjoy our time while stuffing our faces with hibachi drenched in yum yum sauce.

Once we headed back to work with our pants buttons about to pop, I went to my cubicle and worked on transcribing the podcast that they have called Straight Shot. They talk all about marketing and how marketing affects everyday life. It is a wonderful listen if you’re sitting in Atlanta traffic or just like to listen to something while you work. They have amazing topics they talk about. For example, in one of their earlier podcasts, they bring up the controversy that surrounded Colin Kaepernik. For reference, he was the NFL player who took a knee during the National Anthem to protest racial injustice. On the podcast, Zachary and Jennifer discuss the topic with Hal Williams who owns a local carpet cleaning business. The discussion is lively and entertaining as well as informative. It’s always wonderful to hear different opinions on business decisions that affect everyone. If you want, you can check out the podcast on Spotify, iTunes, iHeart Radio and YouTube.  You can check out the most recent podcast where they discuss all things Game of Thrones. With the last episode ever airing Sunday, it definitely feels appropriate to mention the Game of Thrones podcast so that we can all lament together.

I hope you had a day filled with lovely food and laughter,

Kristina Marie

The Internship Progresses

May 10, 2019

Start your day off with laughter. It will make your day go by much faster. But today is also Friday, so that might have a little something to do with it.

As I shoveled in to work today at 8:28 am, I took a second to appreciate this opportunity before making the long trek up the squeaky flight of steps. When I entered the office, I was warmly greeted by everyone as Becca continued her story of her one all-nighter she had in college. It was wonderful to walk into my workplace and hear coworkers telling stories about high school and college like old friends. Getting to have that time with the people I work with sharing stories about their lives in college really made me feel like part of the team. When you think about business, you tend to assume that you walk into work at your scheduled arrival time, sit down at your cubicle and work, work, work until lunch time. But here, they actually take the time to get to know you as a person instead of some robot that does work for them. It helps me be more productive and less stressed because I know that they actually care.

After about an hour of chatting and reliving old memories, we got to work in our cubicles. After a few hours of work, lunch time ensued. It was filled with stories of new adventures in apartment hunting and thrilling tales of our favorite cruises. Being the nerd that I am, I decided to eat my ramen at my desk while watching The Office which was certainly worth the irony. The rest of the day was spent taking video segments to add to my weekly vlogs and learning how to use Adobe Premier Pro while figuring out how to get the audio to work. Getting to work with a new program is always exciting to me because I get to learn something new and begin to master it the more I play around with it. The day was filled with laughter, lessons and Lipton Iced Tea. It doesn’t get much better than that.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend,

Kristina Marie

The Internship Begins

Welcome! I hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday!

And suddenly you know: It’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.  -Meister Eckhart


May 8, 2019

Today was my first day interning at Reformation Productions. Mind you, this is my first internship, so being able to learn from professionals what it really means to be a successful marketing business is beyond exciting. I am the kind of person that thrives when I am tasked with numerous things. I have always been a big fan of to-do lists because being able to check off on everything I accomplished in the day is pretty rewarding.

The day started off with paperwork as these things do, but it only took thirty minutes to complete all of it. If anything, I love getting to sign my name off on official documents. Then, I got to set up all my new social media accounts with an alias name: Kristina Marie. It was definitely tricky navigating through various social media platforms because the only one I personally have is Facebook. My favorite task was making the WordPress blog. I had complete creative freedom to set my blog up however I liked which was a lot of fun. I had never made a blog before and I am a huge fan of them, so I absolutely loved getting to create my own. I am beyond thrilled to be interning in such a wonderfully creative environment as well as learning from the ground up what marketing is all about.

At 1 pm, I got to sit in on a meeting with Zachary, Jennifer and a client. It was incredibly informative and gave me an inside look at what Reformation Productions does to be such a successful marketing agency. What I found most interesting was how personal the meeting was. There were so many personal touches added into the presentation that from a client’s point of view shows how much Zachary cares and wants to help. It was very specific to the client’s industry: real estate development. He talked about the importance of an easily-accessible company website as well as various social media accounts that would target his specific clientele. Being able to have such an immersive experience is incredible. I can’t wait to see what else is in store as I progress through this internship, but all I know for certain is how much fun it will be.

Enjoy your Wednesday,

Kristina Marie